How long will the tour take?

The tour lasts exactly 90 minutes! We recommend that you be there at least ten minutes before the tour starts at the meeting point (map).


Do I need to bring a headset?

No need, we will provide you with a headset. If you want the ultimate in sound quality and you have a modern noise-cancelling headset, we recommend taking it with you! Connection with audio cable 3.5 mm no Bluetooth.

​How long are the VR scenes?

The virtual reality scenes are between 30 and 90 seconds long!


​How many VR scenes will I see?

You will see 5 virtual reality scenes, but there is much more to discover in this spectacle, you will be amazed.


​Can I get dizzy while watching VR scenes?

Depending on the programming and your personal feeling, there is a possibility. Our programming team has tried to reduce this effect as much as possible. So far we have not received any complaints from our customers.

Can I participate even tough I am wearing glasses?

Yes. Of course is is more convenient to put on the VR goggles without glasses. But if you do not have an extraordinary big glass frame it should not be a problem.

Where can I book the ticket? 

We recommend booking your tour tickets online in advance to make sure you have a slot. The booking button is on our webpage. 

Do I need a printed ticket.

You will receive a booking confirmation and an e-ticket with an QR Code which you can print or have on your mobile device. If you want to be save it is better to print it out.

​Is the route manageable for people with physical disabilities?

Yes, but if you need special assistance then please book a private tour!

​Do I have help?

Don't worry, there's always someone there to help and answer questions!

Does the tour also operate in rain or snow?

Basically, the tour takes place in any weather. We recommend a large umbrella in bad weather (to protect you and the VR glasses). Rainproof clothing is also recommended.

You can check the weather here: https://www.srf.ch/meteo/


We take this threat very seriously. All the equipment that we give out is treated with UV radiation and is therefore 100 Covid free. Our tour is an outdoor activity where the risk of contracting the virus is minimal. Much less than, for example, when shopping in the supermarket.

Do I have to wear a mask?

No need for a mask, but of course, you're welcome to wear one!

Do I need a certificate?

No, it is an outdoor tour.

If I cancel my order or don't show up?

Online order at City Illusion or Ticketino is binding, we do not give any refunds. You can, of course, take out ticket insurance.

What is the maximum size of the group?

In order to be able to guarantee high quality, we have limited the group size to a maximum of 6 people.

Does the tour take place with only one participant?

Yes, you were lucky. You have a private tour for a group price.

What do I have to bring?

Just a positive attitude - We provide everything else.