We make Time Traveling Possible

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We make Time Traveling Possible

It Activates All Your Senses

It Lets You Time Travel

It Connects Old With New

Expand your mind with

City Illusion

We not only want to provide you with information – we want to stimulate your thoughts and imagination  so that your are left with new sensations which might change your outlook.

Travel in time and space with technologies of the future! During 100 minutes, the visitor submerges in an audio drama completed with virtual and acoustic effects. See Albert Einstein, CG Jung, Huldrych Zwingli and Katharina von Zimmern as if they would still be here! During the whole tour, you will be assisted and the guides will explain the handling of the VR goggles to you.

Candy Cotton

City Tours in a Different Way

With the help of modern technology, we offer a new and revolutionary way to experience a city. A play with the senses.


Ignite all Your Senses

During 90 minutes, you will travel through time and space and submerge in an audio drama completed with virtual reality and acoustic effects.


Meet the History

You will see Albert Einstein, Huldrych Zwingli, Katharina von Zimmern, CG Jung in virtual reality as if they would still be here!


What makes Us Unique?

Absolutely new project which doesn't have any analogs around the world.

An international team of specialists created this project from all around the world.

High-quality & interactive visual content created with professional actors.

Immersive experience thanks to the high-quality audio accompaniment.


How it Works?

You book your ticket online and arrive at least10 minutes before at the meeting point at Lindenhof.

A tour guide will wait for you and assist you during the whole spectacle. S/he will have a sign with City Illusion so you can easily recognize him or her.


Get all the necessary equipment and instructions. All you have to do is just follow the voice in your headphones.

Enjoy 5 VR points, which are marke with a symbol to your right.